The market is evolving. And so are we.

What began with cypherpunks creating code for permissionless money has now evolved into the foundation of all financial activity. Tokenisation is limitless. Its underlying technology has allowed it to convert all types of assets, and it shows no signs of slowing down.


DeFi marked a seismic shift in the financial landscape. Digital assets are being used in various financial setups, opening up unmatched possibilities. Think of on-chain funds: they enable investors to own tokenised shares of portfolios, attracting both institutional and retail investors. Or AMMs, which have made trading easier and more efficient than ever before. And on-chain lending? Game changer. Digital assets as collateral mean liquidity like never before.


We are in a new paradigm. A digital paradigm. And the transformation of global financial infrastructure through tokenisation is a certainty, not just a possibility.

We have evolved alongside it

Since 2017, we’ve witnessed this space grow from a niche, developer-heavy industry to a financial cornerstone. Actively participated in this evolution. Over the years, we have built technology, optimised liquidity, facilitated market flows, and supported diverse ecosystems. We’ve helped our partners achieve new heights within the digital asset space.


Today, we have reached a point where two worlds converge. We’re onboarding institutions while actively contributing to decentralised protocols through DAO participation. We support the growth of Web3 startups through our Accelerator Program and enhance ecosystems by injecting liquidity into promising DeFi, RWA, and NFT protocols.


We are not just envisioning the future of digital assets; we are actively building it.

The future is tokenised

This surge of innovation has transformed finance. It has bridged the gap between traditional financial institutions and Web3 pioneers, creating new tools and opportunities for interaction rather than collision. 


But now it’s time for this interaction to happen. Financial institutions must integrate these technologies to keep pace, and Web3 foundations must set institutional-grade standards to offer better experiences.


We know firsthand the catalytic leap that the convergence of these two territories will bring. It has been part of our own journey. Our evolution from being a tech-first developer to a digital asset markets facilitator reflects this maturation. 


It also reflects our growth and commitment. We are leading in this new era. A position now embodied in our branding: bold, solid, and adaptable.


A balancing act

We’re at the meeting point of traditional finance and tokenised markets. This is the digital paradigm where being multifaceted is key. And we’ve always been dedicated to being polyvalent and holistic to lead with deep knowledge. 



We balance the conventional and the mould-breaking, token markets and institutions, risk and reward. It’s a constant balancing act that demands having perspective, an approach now also embodied through our new brand identity.

Perspective matters

Our role goes beyond being market participants; we are market drivers. By integrating financial services and tech development under one roof, we see the digital asset industry from every angle. That’s why perspective matters. This holistic view is our playbook for driving the shift to tokenised economies. We are ready to make institutions and Web3 change-makers more competitive than ever.


By looking at every angle, we can identify unique connections, dimensions, and solutions. These principles underpin our brand’s creative choices. Motion and 3D are used to convey the concept of “different perspectives.”



Each icon can be viewed from multiple angles, revealing how it is constructed. It’s a visual representation of Keyrock’s unique connections, dimensions, and solutions.

A brand new era

We look beyond the now. Tokenisation will drastically reform the global financial infrastructure. And Keyrock will be a frontrunner in the process. In our technology and our conduct, we’re dedicated to promoting the adoption of tokenised economies. This is our purpose. A mission that is now expressed inside out.


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