OTC trading

Settling bespoke deals

It's more than just trading assets. We activate our deep liquidity and broad coverage to craft tailored offerings. For all qualified counterparties. With surgical execution.

Leveraged deep liquidity for all assets, on all markets

Nothing stops us from quoting the most competitive prices. We’re geared for it. Our internal market making systems guarantee abundant market depth. That’s how our expert traders execute all orders and mitigate high market impact. 


Working with an OTC desk with access to deep liquidity is a next-level trading strategy. It’s that simple.

OTC trading

How we’re helping you

Bespoke approach

Our assigned traders execute your orders 24/7. Consistently. Keeping a regulatory-first approach to cover all your bases. We profile the right deal to meet your requirements.

Wide coverage

We cover all kinds of markets. Tapping into our extensive liquidity to find the best trading route. Settlements processed in your preferred currency.

Flawless execution

We lock in competitive prices. Our broad market reach aggregates liquidity. Bespoke deals that are designed to help you execute trades and minimise price impact.

Our partners

Working with top industry players, we deliver comprehensive solutions

Any questions?

We like clarity as much as you do. Here are a couple of questions our partners asked before working with us.

Why use an OTC desk to trade crypto?

Which cryptocurrencies do we offer for OTC trading?

Why should you use us for OTC crypto trading?

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