Treasury solutions

Upgrading treasuries

Options to unlock financial sustainability. We help you run your treasury into perpetuity. Setting it up to generate new revenue streams.

Using directional trading to your advantage

Our solutions help you put your treasury on track to reach defined goals. At your disposal: our wide coverage and exchange connectivity. Our established option structures are calibrated to hit the target direction in a range of crypto and traditional assets.

Treasury solutions

How we’re helping you

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Diversifying assets

Our connectivity allows for portfolio diversification in a range of assets. Increase your financial touchpoints by including crypto as well as traditional assets in your treasury.

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Enhancing yield

Make your assets work. Configure precise option structures to match your target direction. By being a counterparty, we unlock the possibility for you to generate value on assets.

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Channelling volatility

We tactfully adjust call and put options with calibrated maturities and strikes to meet desired outcomes. Even in case of unforeseen price movements. Volatility works for you, not against you.

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