Liquidity pool management

Expanding onchain liquidity

We help boost DEX trading. Our established market making systems extend to onchain liquidity for fairer price discovery and stronger user adoption.

Optimising DEX price discovery

Smart contracts define prices onchain. But it’s all based on one thing: pool activity. That’s where liquidity comes into play. It’s the key parameter in creating a dynamic ecosystem where seamless trading thrives. As an established market maker, we have the infrastructure to manage it. We craft custom liquidity solutions to support TVL’s growth and redefine user experiences onchain.


Old dogs, new tricks. Years in the game have seen us refining our tech and strategies by building on many networks. Be it EVM, Rust-based or something totally new. Our Innovation Unit crafts the tools to scale and manage liquidity to unlock each token’s full potential.

Liquidity pool management

How we’re helping you

Liquidity enhancement

Our solid market making infrastructure ensures your liquidity is deployed for maximum efficiency and minimum Impermanent Loss.

Custom bootstrapping

From onchain leveraged futures to interest rate swaps, we bootstrap your AMM solutions with finesse.

Onchain analytics

Our BI team decodes your metrics. Nothing is left in the dark when it comes to boosting liquidity and designing tailored solutions.

Our partners

Working with top industry players, we deliver comprehensive solutions

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We like clarity as much as you do. Here are a couple of questions our partners asked before working with us.

What is liquidity pool management?

How does liquidity pool management help your users?

How does Keyrock optimise and manage liquidity pools?

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