Scaling up our onchain operations: A new chapter

Using all our resources

Our technical abilities made us a top market maker. By perfecting our infrastructure, we’ve spread our reach across a multitude of markets. Today, we fuel the growth of tokenised economies, with liquidity leading the way. While we’ve mastered deploying liquidity to turn markets more efficient, we’ve also accumulated years of trading, tech and business expertise within the digital asset space. 


We have the knowledge, that makes the difference. And we wield it to push for ecosystem expansion and adoption. That’s right; we’re entering new ventures again, so get ready for a leap forward: our latest liquidity pool management and ecosystem development projects are live.

New initiatives

Our ambition has always been to drive the adoption of digital assets across all fronts—spot and derivatives, on AMMs and order books, in CeFi and DeFi. Last year, we didn’t just talk; we acted. We engaged with numerous protocols, provided liquidity, deployed operational support, served as a key business advisory entity, and took significant steps forward.


Liquidity pool management

Year after year, we’ve scaled our business and tech abilities to become an undisputed liquidity expert in the crypto space. This is why we’re now applying our market making strategy to liquidity pool management, an initiative that complements our ecosystem development activities. 


We deploy liquidity in Decentralised Exchanges to facilitate fair asset price discovery. By rolling out strategies that adjust the range of our liquidity based on price movements, we maximise the amount of trading volume we can support. 


But there’s more. We also provide liquidity in virtual AMMs, both spot and perpetual markets. One thing is clear: the trend towards more on-chain TVL clearly points to a decentralised future. And managing DEX liquidity is a natural extension of our well-established market making activities.

Ecosystem development 

In line with our push for digital asset adoption, we’ve also increased our engagement with protocols. We’re serious about growth. Our strategic liquidity deployment, tech integration, and operational and business support are each a consideration in our holistic approach to ecosystem development


We lead from the front. Our actions have been speaking for us long before we went public. Since our beginnings, we’ve been involved—consistently and actively— in the creation of financial primitives on-chain, positioning us as a prime player in this landscape. 


Today, we’re proud to affirm that our solid infrastructure elevates DEXs to CEX standards ranging from derivatives, RWAs to NFTs. We never lose sight of things. We give comprehensive insights, identify user patterns, identify tech issues, and update code through bespoke reports.


Our dedication to sustainability and innovation is clear. We strategically manage liquidity, set up powerful validator nodes, and channel rewards back into the ecosystem to ensure robustness.

From vision to reality

These new activities complement our existing market making activities and reflect the company’s commitment to driving DeFi adoption. Because in our field, actions matter. So far, we’ve supported tens of billions of volumes on multiple networks, including Aptos, Solana, Ethereum, Arbitrum, SEI, Radix, Avalanche, Polygon, Blast, Base, and Optimism. 


“We’re not just growing—we’re shaping DeFi’s future. We’re active in experimental AMMs like Dynamic LMMs and pioneering interest rate AMMs because we believe in pushing boundaries. By deploying strategic liquidity, integrating cutting-edge tech, and managing robust nodes, we’re turning ecosystem development from concept to reality. Our goal is clear: drive real adoption and build sustainable, thriving digital asset markets. It’s clear you can only do that by fully immersing yourself in the DeFi economy.” — Juan David Mendieta, CSO and co-founder.


Whether it is through liquidity, tech or business acumen, we don’t lose track of our mission. We will continue to use all our resources to expand the adoption of digital assets. On all venues. Across all ecosystems.

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