Ecosystem development

Spurring growth

We use the right resources for ecosystem growth. Strategically deploying liquidity, syncing with your tech and supporting on operational levels create a tight-knit environment that pushes adoption to the next level.

Having skin in the game

Our track record speaks for itself. We’ve built on diverse networks and invested in groundbreaking strategies before formal partnerships. We lead by example. We support networks in ways that drive sustainable growth by expertly integrating their tech stack and crafting ecosystem strategy.


Trading infrastructure, deep market knowledge, and tech capabilities. Three fields we’ve mastered over the years, developing well-established tools and strategies for ecosystem growth. From blockchain protocol to dApps, custodians, data providers, and foundations, we’re here to elevate their networks.

Ecosystem development

How we’re helping you

Strategic liquidity

We infuse liquidity into protocols to facilitate spot and derivative trading, as well as borrowing and lending. This is pivotal in pricing tokens and generating yields, which in turn results in more participants and heightened activity on the network.


Get the insights that matter. We delve deep into your chain’s activity, revealing user engagement patterns, identifying tech issues, and updating essential code. Our bespoke, thorough reports detail everything. As an experienced partner, we help elevate your ecosystem's performance.

Validator nodes

Driving decentralisation like never before. We set up powerful validator nodes and channel rewards back into the ecosystem, boosting sustainability and network strength, thus ensuring more robust and active network participation.

Our partners

Working with top industry players, we deliver comprehensive solutions

Any questions?

We like clarity as much as you do. Here are a couple of questions our partners asked before working with us.

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