We're strengthening our executive lineup

Staying ahead

No place for limits at Keyrock. Our role as a leading market maker has evolved. We’re bringing all players into finance’s evolution. Ready to set institutions and Web3 change-makers to be more competitive than ever. Because staying competitive is keeping pace with change. A rule that also applies to us. 


After a successful rebranding launch, we’re happy to announce the tenure of two new executives; Robert Valdes-Rodriguez (CCO) and Dr. Francesco Adiliberti (COO).

Forging new paths

We’re not at the dawn of a financial shift, we’re in the middle of it. The time for traditional finance and token-based ecosystems to converge is now. But this shift won’t happen overnight. It requires operating in both of these territories with solid knowledge and capabilities. We made it our speciality. 


It’s people who make it happen. Passionate, driven and sharp minds. They’re the ones making our foundation unshakable. A foundation we decided to invigorate by appointing two new executives, each carrying valuable experiences in both traditional finance and the crypto space.

Strengthening leadership

We’re dedicated to maintaining the highest level of industry acumen. That’s why we’ve strengthened our leadership. We’re now proud to count two new influential executives.



Welcome Robert Valdes-Rodriguez, our new Chief Commercial Officer and Dr. Francesco Adiliberti, our new Chief Operating Officer. Robert will lead our growing business units, drawing from a 3-decade career managing positions in leading firms (ABN AMRO, Scotiabank, and Abra). 



Joining Keyrock was an easy choice due to their strong commitment to global liquidity and innovation at the intersection of TradFi and DeFi. Their dedication to providing cutting-edge liquidity technology, while maintaining the highest standards of integrity, is truly impressive. I’m excited to contribute to this visionary team.”  – Robert Valdes-Rodriguez, CCO



After serving as an Independent Board Member for 9 months, Dr. Francesco Adiliberti will oversee our Trading Operations, Risk Management, and Product teams. We’re eager to see the impact of his 25+ years of experience in financial powerhouses (Goldman Sachs International, HSBC, and Nomisma) on our operations. 



I’ve always been drawn to the complex dynamics of market making and its vital part in efficient pricing, capital flow, and liquidity. With Keyrock at the crossroads of TradFi and DeFi, I’m dedicated to leveraging our strengths to position Keyrock as the foundation of the new global financial framework.” – Dr. Francesco Adiliberti, COO



This recent corporate move aligns with our core mission: expanding the adoption of tokenised economies. Financial institutions should integrate these technologies to match strides. Web3 foundations must set institutional-grade standards to offer better experiences. 


Both need solutions to stay competitive and relevant. That’s why we’re here for. That’s why we do more than market making. We support institutions and foundations in reaching their full financial potential in an inevitable tokenised economy. No matter the market. No matter the asset.



Robert and Francesco’s extensive experience across both domains will be instrumental in developing innovative solutions that empower institutions to seamlessly integrate and thrive in the rapidly evolving token economy. Moreover, it will enable us to take the best of TradFi to continue to build and support decentralized alternatives to exchange value. – Kevin de Patoul, CEO and co-founder



We’ve had a makeover…and it’s not just about aesthetics. Here’s where we bring you up to speed with our latest evolution.

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