Keyrock raises EUR 4.3 m to build a universal liquidity solution for digital asset markets

It is with great pleasure that Keyrock announces it has raised EUR 4.3m in its Serie A funding round co-led by SIX Fintech Ventures and MiddleGame Ventures, with continued participation from existing investors Volta Ventures, Seeder Fund and TNN Patrimony.

Democratising Liquidity

Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) is disrupting the way financial markets operate. In the nearby future, all value transfers will be digital. As a result, more and more assets (traditional and non-traditional) will be tokenized. These digital assets have the potential to deliver a number of benefits, such as improved tradability, faster and cheaper transactions and lower barriers to investment, promoting higher inclusion in capital markets. To enable this disruption, liquidity is essential.


In its mission to “Democratize Liquidity”, Keyrock has relentlessly built a highly scalable technology system to provide liquidity to markets with an exceptionally low marginal cost. Our vision is that every player in the digital asset space, no matter how small or large, can benefit from liquidity quickly and cost-effectively.


We now serve a multitude of top-tier marketplaces and digital asset issuers all over the world. We are active on a global market and see ourselves as a global company. This is reflected in the diversity of the team, with 34 industry experts actively involved with Keyrock representing 15 nationalities and sharing the same passion for technology and the transition to a digital financial system.


The 4.3 million euros will be used to accelerate technology and infrastructure development, service coverage and regulatory licensing.


I am very excited to have SIX and MiddleGame Ventures on board in building our vision of efficient markets. We are gaining not only expertise in exchange operations from SIX, but also deep experience in fintech brought by MiddleGame Ventures. Thank you to the Keyrock team, for the trust of our clients, partners and investors. I look forward to what lies ahead!


Kevin de Patoul, CEO and Co-founder

Brussels, Belgium

29th October 2020