Keyrock’s On-chain Governance Participation

We are excited to announce Keyrock’s Governance initiative focused on governance participation in tokenized protocols. We embrace our values of on-chain transparency, trust, and the adoption of a decentralized digital asset ecosystem. DAOs and their governance procedures are fundamental to the realization of these values, and are vital to the adoption of tokenized economies.

Keyrock Governance is Live

Decentralized protocols will play a central role in the future of finance, and they require collective participation from all stakeholders. It is our belief that market makers have a responsibility to participate in governance with as much commitment as we do liquidity provision. Therefore, actively participating and voting in protocols that align with our core activities and in which we can provide the most valuable feedback and insight.


At Keyrock, we are committed to representing the best interest of DAOs and aiding their adoption, operations, and liquidity. We believe our proactivity and participation in governance will contribute to a greater diversity of representation from the community, and we invite all communities to continue advocating for more participation.


To participate in DAO governance, Keyrock either needs to hold our own tokens or be delegated those tokens by third parties. To date, we have already been active in Aave, Perpetual Protocol, Bancor, and Uniswap governance. To allow third parties to delegate their tokens, we have launched the Keyrock Delegate Platforms on Aave and Uniswap (see each platform for more insight into Keyrock’s governance aspirations). All past and future participation will take place through our official governance wallet: 0xkeyrock.eth.

Commitments to Proper Governance

We acknowledge that every industry is full of operational biases, and conflicts of interest in the digital asset space are ever-present. We’ve seen stakeholders of some protocols suggest that entities should not be delegates to similar or competing protocols. We understand that perspective, but also believe there is a way to contribute to governance without contributing to bias.


As a delta-neutral entity, we believe Keyrock can enact in the best interest of each individual protocol we participate in. Just as we practice fairness in our market-making core operations, we will bring the same mindset to on-chain governance. Our commitments to proper governance are:


  1. Neutrality. DeFi is not a winner-takes-all ecosystem. There will be a vast network of successful protocols in the future financial system. Keyrock intends to act in the best interest of each individual protocol and its constituents, without feeding into the narrative that all DeFi protocols are highly competitive with each other.
  2. Transparency. Keyrock will remain public and open with our on-chain governance, so anyone can audit our activities and understand how we’ve impacted the growth of the ecosystem. All our governance will occur from 0xkeyrock.eth.
  3. Representation. As delegates, we will act in the best interest of the individual token holders of any protocol and the safe operations of the protocol itself.

Getting Started with Keyrock Delegation

Delegating votes to Keyrock for on-chain governance is currently available on Aave and Uniswap. The process of delegation is straightforward and secure. It does not involve the transfer of tokens or the revocation of custody; it just signifies that you trust another wallet to vote on your behalf in proposals.

Looking Ahead

With this new governance initiative, we are excited to expand our footprint as active participants in these communities. We believe our contribution will help protocols’ growth and adoption, and we encourage other market constituents to join us in this initiative for more vocal governance participation. If you are aligned with our values at Keyrock, consider deleting your voting power to 0xkeyrock.eth.