Keyrock Joins the Tokenized Asset Coalition

Keyrock is one of 15 new members to join the organization that aims to drive more than $1 trillion in assets on-chain.


Shaping the Future of On-Chain Finance.

Today, we’re proud to announce that we’ve been selected to join the Tokenized Asset Coalition (TAC). The TAC welcomed 15 new members, including Keyrock,  into its ranks from more than 300 applicants.


The Tokenized Asset Coalition champions the adoption of public blockchains, asset tokenization, and institutional DeFi to dramatically alter the way capital is formed, invested, and managed on-chain, paving the way for a more open, fair, and transparent system for investors.


Joining the Tokenized Asset Coalition aligns with a shared vision for a more open, fair, and transparent financial system and proactively shaping the future of on-chain finance.


Kevin de Patoul, CEO at Keyrock, commented: In joining the TAC, Keyrock brings a pioneering perspective driven by our belief in the transformative potential of asset tokenization. Our role in the TAC goes beyond mere advocacy for tokenized assets; we are committed to actively shaping this ecosystem. Our strengths in market-making, liquidity support, and global FX market access uniquely position us to promote wider adoption and seamless integration of tokenized assets within decentralized finance. Being part of the TAC allows us to broaden our horizons and activities and forge new paths and collaborations, helping steer the industry towards an innovative on-chain finance future.”


Keyrock’s Contribution


Over the years, we’ve contributed to the tokenized asset industry in a number of ways, including actively working towards the adoption of digital assets and how they can be facilitated. We have always been proponents and believers that everything will be tokenized.


Part of our contributions to date include providing liquidity to RWAs in DeFi, having treasury management exposure to RWAs, and investing in companies that tokenize various verticals. Our roadmap is to continue supporting such efforts but also enable broader adoption of those assets in DeFi.


We bring a unique perspective to the TAC based on our expertise as a market-maker, liquidity provider, and OTC desk. Our industry knowledge allows us to interact with those assets and assist in their adoption through liquidity support, inherently creating more trust. Additionally, we have access to multiple FX markets, which creates a lot of potential synergies for supporting non-USD/EUR-based RWAs.


As such, we’ll focus on being an active liquidity provider to RWAs and contribute most of our efforts within our area of expertise. Being the only market maker within the coalition, we aim to raise awareness around RWA adoption and educate about its exciting potential.


Keyrock is excited to be part of this new journey and looks forward to collaborating with all the members of the TAC.


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