Presenting Keyrock's Options Desk

We’re excited to announce the launch of Keyrock’s Crypto Options Desk. As of today, we’re able to provide investors, token foundations, and institutional players with the flexibility to trade options that align with their unique needs and investment strategies.

Why add a Crypto Options Desk?

At Keyrock, we’ve experienced substantial growth because we’re deeply committed to understanding and tackling the intricacies of digital assets. With a team boasting substantial experience in both traditional and crypto volatility products, as well as a deep understanding of liquidity, we are exceptionally positioned to deliver top-notch option products.


Kevin de Patoul, CEO: “Keyrock’s mission is to empower tokenized economies by providing deep liquidity and excellent pricing. We have built our leadership on the spot market, but as the industry grows and matures, it is the natural next step to widen our offering to meet emerging needs”



With our team’s experience, Keyrock is positioned to deliver the best customizable crypto options for hedging, speculation, and treasury management. We’re excited to be able to offer a dedicated options desk for institutional investors.

Wide Coverage and Customization

With operations in over 85 exchanges across more than 400 markets, Keyrock has become one of the key liquidity providers in digital assets. Aligned with this global approach, our options desk offers access to a wide array of option products, ranging from Bitcoin to other top 20 market cap tokens. For those seeking options on longer tail assets, our option desk accommodates custom requests.


Chris Tylman, Co-Head of Options: “We are building a market-leading desk that ensures our partners receive the very best solution for their objectives. With over 50 years of volatility trading experience on our desk, we combine our trading insights and expertise to deliver clever solutions.”



Keyrock’s flexibility empowers investors and institutional players to define their own strike prices and maturities, perfectly aligning with their specific expectations and strategies. Whether you’re looking to hedge, manage your treasury, enhance yield, or engage in leveraged speculation, our expert team is here to assist.


Jeremie Coffin, Co-Head of Options: “With a profound understanding of volatility products, our commitment is to build long-lasting relationships, making us the trusted partner for navigating the intricacies of crypto markets.”



Interested in learning more? Get acquainted with Keyrock’s Options Desk through our contact form or reach out to one of our team members. We look forward to working with you.