Keyrock Accelerator Program

Are you building a web3 native or fintech startup in the digital asset space? If so, you’re in the right place. Leading digital asset market maker Keyrock has partnered with Tenity, a global incubator for fintech, to launch an Accelerator Program aimed at providing startups with the tools and support they need to succeed.


As the digital asset market continues to evolve, Keyrock has been at the forefront, empowering tokenized economies for the past five years. Now, in collaboration with Tenity, we are taking the next step by supporting startups from the very beginning through our exciting new Accelerator Program. The 4-month Accelerator Program is set to begin in early September 2023 in Belgium and is now open for applications. The first program will conclude with a Demo Day event in December 2023, where startups will have the opportunity to compete for up to €100k in investments from Keyrock.


“At Keyrock, we are committed to increasing the utility of digital assets for end users. We believe that supporting startups at the early stages of their development is crucial to maximizing their chances of success,” said Kevin de Patoul, CEO & Co-Founder of Keyrock. “We are thrilled to partner with Tenity and put Brussels at the center of digital asset innovation, especially at a time when the EU is positioning itself as a leader with the MiCA framework.”


The Accelerator Program aims to bridge the gap between investors, infrastructure and funding in the digital asset industry. It is specifically designed to equip startups, particularly web3 native startups, with the essential tools and resources needed for success. And if your startup is more on the fin-tech side, the program will provide unique insight into the world of web3 as well as tools to leverage opportunities at the intersection of both sectors.


During the program, startups will benefit from a well-structured curriculum that includes masterclasses facilitated by industry experts, personal coaching and mentorship, and guidance on tech prototyping, scaling, finance, sales, and marketing. In addition, Keyrock and Tenity will open up their extensive network of global partners to help startups build relevant connections beyond their respective industries.


“I am incredibly excited about this partnership between Keyrock and Tenity, particularly as Keyrock was a part of the Tenity program in 2020. This collaboration is a testament to our shared commitment to nurturing the next generation of innovators, and I am confident that together, we will make a lasting impact on the web3 and fintech landscape,” said Marc Hauser, Head of Tenity Switzerland.




The Accelerator Program will focus on core technology areas such as financial infrastructure, decentralized finance, asset tokenization, and data tooling. Startups with innovative ideas and solutions in these areas are encouraged to apply for the Keyrock Accelerator Program, and selected startups will have their travel and accommodation expenses covered by Keyrock.


Keyrock and Tenity’s collaboration to launch the Accelerator Program is an exciting opportunity for web3 and fintech startups to gain the necessary support, mentorship, and resources to thrive in the digital asset space. With the growing importance of digital assets in the global economy, this program is well-timed to empower startups and contribute to the continued innovation in the web3 and fintech sectors.