Changing the course of finance

Boosting digital assets with tailored liquidity solutions since 2017. We’re initiators. Driven by integrity and innovation, we push the boundaries of finance. Expect more.

Our story

Our activities

The future is tokenised. All assets will be digital. Our solutions are designed to operate in every venue, centralised and decentralised.

Market making

We optimise liquidity. Enhancing it with our renowned algorithms across all major exchanges. We capture volatility and offer fairer pricing for your assets to thrive.


OTC trading

We tailor-make solutions. Tapping into our deep liquidity, we give you highly competitive quotes. Supporting trades of all sizes for a large range of assets. With surgical precision.


Options desk

We design option structures to match expectations. Total control over your deal configuration. Hedging, yield enhancement and payoff diversification. You ask, we provide.


Treasury solutions

We create solutions to optimise treasury management. Everything is mapped out to help you reach your goals, from capital preservation to asset diversification.



We’re growing at a rapid pace. Both in numbers and in knowledge.

Scalability, tech excellence, and market expertise are at our core. We have built our way into being a leading change-maker in the digital asset industry. The outcome: We fuel asset expansion and partnership success.

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Number of traded markets
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Our business dedication

We act as partners. Your success is our success.

Digital asset markets keep growing. With no sign of slowing down. We support institutions and foundations in reaching their full potential in an inevitable tokenised economy.


Your vision, we understand it. Your technology, we grasp it. Your long-term goal, we align with it. We put the time and effort into delivering clear-cut solutions that make sense.  

Backed by renowned investors and industry experts

Our partners

Working with top industry players, we deliver comprehensive solutions

Global reach and impact









Based in the EU, UK and Switzerland.

Connected globally through 170+ experts across 36 countries.

The team

Thinkers, architects, makers in a tokenised world.

We count crypto and finance natives. Tech builders and international compliance counsellors. All forming a skill-packed team of 170+ strong individuals. Each working towards excellence.

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